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Romantic Las Olas Gondola Tour at Stork's Cafe!
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If you've always wanted to take a gondola tour in Venice, now you can! Your own personal gondolier will guide you on an excursion through the Venice of America (Fort Lauderdale) for a memorable and musical taste of Venice, Italy. Take in the sights while you sip an espresso, cappucino, or glass of wine and you will feel like you are in Venice, Italy.

Gondola Rides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

During the real estate boom of the 1920s, developer Charles G. Rodes was instrumental in creating many of the area's canals. Rodes studied the parallel canal system in Venice, Italy and applied it here. Using a technique called "finger islanding," he altered strips of land with channels of water to create waterfront property that would also afford residents a bit of privacy. Rodes named his development of peninsulas the "Isles of Venice."

Today with more than 300 miles of navigable inland waterways in the Great Fort Lauderdale area, and magnificent homes, imposing docks and beautiful yachts dotting the canals, the ara has earned its nickname, "The Venice of America."

A gondola ride in Fort Lauderdale could be an unforgettable experience realized by your group. An authentically dressed gondolier will relate to you the history of gondolas, facts about Venice and interesting stories of Fort Lauderdale. For your guests to experience this, it's your decision.


The Gondolier has a personality and flair of his own and will provide you with the type of tour and conversation that best suits your event. Your gondolier is committed to your safety as well as guiding and telling you interesting stories and playing music.

For reservations, please contact Gondolier Mike at 954-561-7650 for booking a tour or visit his web site, http://www.gondolaman.com.

1109 East Las Olas Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 Phone: 954-522-4670  Fax: 954-522-4830

SUMMER HOURS: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Open 365 days a year!

Gondola hotline 954-561-7650