3 Arabic chicken recipes

Travel to Arab by adding Arab chicken recipes to your food list, Arab culinary arts has the various regional cooking skills that spanned the Arab world, the culinary arts reflect the culture of great sells in spices herbs and food. For more information about 3 Arabic chicken recipes check this article:

Arabian chicken stew recipes

This is most popular Arabian dish, every Arab house prepare it at least once in a week because the sauce taste so good, it can be thick or thin, Arab Ian chicken stew is high in protein and carbs, these are the ingredient you will need to make Arabian chicken stew: Full chicken (skinless); onions, potato, Tomatoes, zucchini, garlic,oil, and mix of spices, you should cook everything in one pot.

Arabian Grilled chicken Recipes

This is the easy way to grill chicken all you need is chicken breasts, some powered spices, dried herbs, with these recipes you can make deliy and appetizing grilled. Ingredient used are 5chucken breast (skinless and off bone), mild chili powder 2tbsp), dried corinder leaves (2tsp), mixed dried herbs (fenugreek, parsley), 1tsp onion powder, garlic powder, olive oil 4tsp, salt and oil.

Grilled chicken Recipes ( Al faham)

It is popular in middle east, it is prepared with Arabian spice mix which is called Bezar the chicken is marinated with Arabian spice and barbeque in a charcoal grill or in oven. Ingredient used are: Tumeric powder 1tsp, red chilli powder 2tbsp, coriander powder 1tbsp, fennel seeds (1tsp) whole black pepper (1tbsp), Green cardamom stick.