Top 5 of the best gastronomic destinations in the world

Traveling the world also means discovering new traditions. Tasting the gastronomy from elsewhere is part of the trip. Ah! the flavor of couscous in Morocco, the taste of curry in Thailand, just remembering it will delight your taste buds. In the following, we offer you the 5 best destinations known for their cuisine in the world.


tourist city, Marrakech is regularly cited as a favorite destination in terms of gastronomy. It must undoubtedly be said that Moroccan cuisine comes from ancestral knowledge. aphrodisiac spices such as honey, cinnamon or saffron majestically decorate meat dishes and salads.


When you go around the world, put your bags in Italy. Italian pizzas are cited among the most loved dishes in the world. taste the lasagna, beef brasato al Barolo and the Bolognese pasta paired with good Italian wine. For sure take a look you will not be disappointed.


A country where the richness of its gastronomy is its history. all the civilizations which passed there left their traces. First the Phoenicians left a lot of recipes for sauces. The Greeks have bequeathed their secrets of olive oil. As for the Romans, they incorporated their own aromatics into Spanish dishes.


the cuisine is healthy, dietetic and balanced in Japan. Gastronomy and philosophy go hand in hand. In Japan, a meal consists of soup, rice, and three (3) sides of fish or vegetables. Don't forget to try their ramen which is a national delight.


In India, spices are king. Treat yourself to vegetable curry, or meats prepared tandoori style. The diverse ingredients make Indian cuisine truly unique. India remains one of the world's best food destinations.