Culture start when the raw got cooked in some part in Africa meat and vegetables stew are typical to the black African kitchen. African explorer make use of traditional varieties like local fruits, cereal grains, vegetable, milk and meat to produce their dishes. If you are curious about African meal this article will help you with the top 5 African dishes.

Pap en vleis shisa nyama

These are the mixture of barbeque meat and maize porridge, the both is a good combination across many culture in South Africa, these can be served with spicy gravy, relish. To enjoy the full South Africa dish add beer.

Piri Piri chicken

This is Portuguese fragrant spices which can be creamy cocnut sauces with little cashew and peanuts. Grilled Piri Piri chicken is made in the oven, is so delicious, you can find this dish at any Nando's location.

Jollof rice and efo elegusi

Jollof is originated from the Cajun dish jambalaya, this dish is a national favourite dish for Nigerians, all over west africa, this dish is a simple spicy one pot dish, this is me up of rice, tomatoes onions, and pepper, it is often served in parties or during festival. Efo elegusi soupis made up of ground melon and vegetables, mixed with flVoured chicken or meat and it can be served with pounded yam, Amala, semovita, these mixture is considered highly desirable because of its taste .

Bunny chow

This is one of South Africa treasured street foods which is made up of hollowed out half or quarter load of white bread filled with hot curry soup mixed with meat and vegetables, this is bought to South Africa by one Indian labourer who came in the 19th century to work on sugar cane field.

Chambo with nsiing

This is consumed by the Malawians. Is the most popular best known fish found in lake Malawi, it is served grilled along with a stiff porridge which looks similarly to South Africa's pap. A dish of it is incomplete without a delicious cassava leaves, tomatoes and groundnut powder. This dish makes eyes of Malawians filled with tears when they are away from home.